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Workshop Integrated ERM Based on ISO 31000 Part 2

Attend Workshop Integrated ERM Based on ISO 31000 Part 2

  • Implementation date : 26 – 28 Oktober 2011
  • Execution time             : 08.30 – 16.00
  • Place of Execution      : Hotel Ambhara, JL. Iskandarsyah Raya No 1 Kebayoran Baru Jakarta 12160 Indonesia


Overview Workshop Integrated ERM Based on ISO 31000(Day 1)

"Tiket Training Dot Com"The workshop is developed and designed in consultation with industry experts and education specialists. There is a significant difference between the theory and practice of risk management. The theory is necessary but this workshop, whilst covering some of the theoretical aspects, is primarily focused on the practical application of risk concepts and tools. The workshop uses AS/NZS 4360 and the new ISO 31000 as the cornerstone for the risk management framework. Learn simple, easy to use, practical tools to help you manage the risks you face on a daily basis. Case studies will be used to assist attendees understandings of the tools provided.


Objectives Workshop Integrated ERM Based on ISO 31000

  1. Through this workshop you will gain comprehensive and practical understandings covering:
  2. The new paradigm shift of Enterprise Risk Management and its importance for companies today.
  3. The framework and process of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) with international standards (ISO and COSO
  4. Framework).
  5. Risk & control strategy of building ownership in work units with the implementation of the Risk and Control Self-
  6. Assessment (RCSA) in the entire organization.
  7. Optimizing the ERM to improve and strengthen the competitiveness of your company by understanding current
  8. industry practices.


Benefits Workshop Integrated ERM Based on ISO 31000

The benefits of these topics:

  1. To consolidate participants understanding of the importance of ERM at the strategic level
  2. To ensure participants have a common ERM language
  3. To understand the need to integrate ERM into existing systems and process at all levels of the organisation
  4. To gain a better understanding of other industries and practices around ERM


Topics Workshop Integrated ERM Based on ISO 31000

  1. Shift Paradigm in ERM
  3. KPI’s vs Strategic KPIs and Operational
  4. Current Industry Practice



Overview Workshop Integrated ERM Based on ISO 31000 Day 2 – 3

Risk management methodologies employ a range of different terms, processes, tools and techniques to deliver the risk management outcomes. Even within organisations different subsidiaries, divisions and business units may use different methodologies. Standardised language, processes, tools, and techniques are critical for successful implementation and subsequent application of risk management throughout the organisation.


Objectives Workshop Integrated ERM Based on ISO 31000

This training is designed to assist participants in overcoming the problems mentioned above. With this training,
participants can develop an understanding of:
1. Improving Decision Making and Activities with Risk Management
2. Risk Management Principles
3. Risk Management System
4. Process for Managing Risk


Benefits  Workshop Integrated ERM Based on ISO 31000
The benefits of these topics:
1. To establish a consistent and “best practice” standard for risk management processes, tools & techniques
2. To ensure participants have a common risk language
3. To be able to immediately apply the risk management best practice approach to workplace case studies


Topics Workshop Integrated ERM Based on ISO 31000

  1. Overview ISO 31000 Enterprise Risk Management Guidelines
  2. Clarifying the language
  3. Establishing the context
  4. Identifying the risks
  5. Risk Analysis
  6. Risk Evaluation
  7. Risk Treatment
  8. Risk Reports

Methods Workshop Integrated ERM Based on ISO 31000
Action based learning


The training program will be conduct in 3 days (18 hours effective)


Target Participants For Overview Workshop Integrated ERM Based on ISO 31000

  1. Leaders and staff of risk management
  2. Leaders and staff of the operational units
  3. Leaders and HR staff
  4. Quality Control Team
  5. Internal Audit / SPI
  6. ISO Internal Team
  7. Culture Team
  8. Strategic planning team
  9. Management Consultants
  10. Students who are interested
  11. Other enthusiasts



Decy Chalid, Ir, MEM, MBA, CPRM

She has strong experiences in implementation Enterprise Risk Management system and Project Management System. She has knowledge in most international standard such as: AS/NZS ISO 3931, 9000, 4801, 14000. Ms Chalid applies these knowledge in her various projects in PGN, Apexindo, Semen Gresik and more. Ms Chalid has Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture from Faculty of Civil Engineering & Planning Trisakti University, Jakarta. Master Engineering Management (MEM) and MBA in Engineering Policy from University of technology Sydney, Australia and holds Certified Practicing Risk Manager (CPRM) from RMIA (Risk Management Institute of Australasia).


Ir. Bambang Kuswijayanto, MM

Associate Director, PT Sinergi Daya Prima (”SDP Consulting”), 2009 – Now, Islamic Bank and Islamic Finance Course, Kedutaan Besar Arab Saudi, Jakarta. Corporate Financing and Structured Products, Bank Danamon-Corporate Banking. Import Trade Finance Operation/Long Term Credit Scheme Islamic Development Bank. 1’st Annual Islamic Banking & Finance, Marcus Evans (Kuala Lumpur). 5’th Annual Islamic Banking & Finance, Marcus Evans (Kuala Lumpur). Loan Disbursement Workshop, Asian Development Bank. Credit Risk Management, Citibank. Executive Shariah Workshop, Tazkia Institute.




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